For the past one week I have been on vacation to Badrinath and Kedarnath, far away from the daily grind of work. I went along with my parents and I should say this is my first major vacation and I enjoyed it thoroughly to say the least. This also happens to be the first time I have seen snow in reality!!! I used to see various shows on Discovery Travel and Living and always longed to go to such places and enjoy the nature and this trip fulfilled my desire. The scenery was simply mind blowing and I have no words to describe it, one has to onlyexperience such things. I felt at peace with nature and it really soothed my mind. I have a come across people from various strata, regions,religions of the society which made me think about life from different perspectives. All these days I was living in my world of computers, MBA, friends, movies, relationships etc but this trip has changed my perspective towards life and it set me thinking about many things which I am struggling to find answers for and which is making me more confused than what I already am!! These days I am doing a lot of soul searching trying to figure out what I want to do in my life and also what career to pursue…but looks like analyzing and thinking is making things more difficult…some times I wish I have less choices to choose from !!!! Hopefully I will soon be able to find out what I want to do in life and what career I should pursue…


I always had and still have the habit of reading blogs and wanted to write here it goes….I am starting this blog to give expression to my thoughts, ideas and experiences that I come across in my daily life.  I think writing out what is in our mind gives more clarity to our thinking and also it is a great way to improve one’s writing skills. I don’t have any sepecific theme to write about in my blog, I will keep writing what ever comes to my mind…

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